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Fun at school?

Art and computing are my favourite topics this year. In art we are drawing old Australian symbols and in computing we are learning how to use scratch.

by Daniel.


In ww1 the soldiers had to carry up to 65k per day. All that equiptment was very heavy.Think of all that stuff such as a gun,pillow,blanket,medals and a form to say what the attacks are and when.

Some soldiers left their stuff in┬átheir hatch where they slept. Who knows it could get stolen while they were out… If they got killed a friend would take their stuff and give it to that man’s family as a symbole of rememberance. Some ordinary people lied about ttheir age to get into war. Of course they didn’t want to cower in fright.

The youngest soldier to survive was a 14 year old boy when he joined up but after he joined and the war was over he was 18 years old. He was a good liar!!!

My great great great uncle Percy owned a canal in Rugby and he got persuaded by the propaganda to enlist.


by Daniel

World War 1

World War 1

This week we have been learning about the exciting but horrific World War 1. We have learnt quite a lot about WW1. Some of the activities we’ve done were very fun. In one of the activities we made poppies out of tissue-paper, card and pipe cleaners.