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Reading is very fun the way you demolish books one by one. Did you know if you are reading a book that a movie is based on, like Harry Potter, it gives you lots more information. What put me into reading was when I was four I got the film Matilda.  When I found out that she only read books and when she had grown up she had magical powers, then I wanted to have magical powers so I started on the book Matilda first and kept on demolishing books one by one.

I love reading. It’s really exciting and powerful. Two of my favourite writers are Roald Dahl  and J.K Rowling.


Oliver Murray (cereal blogger)


Reading at home

Reading is really fun. There are some very interesting  authors as such as Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson,David Waliams and J.K. Rowling. Some of the books they wrote are James and the Giant peach, Gangster Gran and Harry Potter. Harry Potter books are very very long and Roald Dahl books have at least 320 pages in them.


Oliver M (serial blogger)