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Our Sukkot Shelter

On the 21 october it was R.E. day and we made Sukkots . It  was  very  hard  to  stick  on the  leaves  and  sticks .


Niamh and Kyra

Our Sukkot

We realy enjoyed making it because it was hard glueing stuff on and we like hard things.



Tia, Demi, Lyla


I really enjoyed making my Sukkot.




My sukkot shelter

We made shelters the other day and it was incredible! We had to collect leaves and twigs and stick lolly pop sticks on the outside.


Our sukkot shelter

Making our Sukkot was very gluey but very fun. It took about six minutes to stick all the lolly sticks on and after a little while it was amazingly finishediloveblogging


Oliver Murray


This was realy fun  we enjoyed making our Sukkot. We worked with max in k4

Alfie and Daniel, great friends……………..