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Haiku poem by Max


Shining, crystal frost.
Bulbs underneath pushing through,
Showers helping growth.


Sun shining brightly.
Children playing in the sea.
I wish it was me.


Orange, brown, red too.
Dry leaves falling from trees.
Bare trees standing still.


Crisp white snow falling.
Like a blanket on the ground.
Crunch, crunch under me.

By Max Clarke.


School is light blue.
It tastes like an early morning mist
and smells like a fresh bunch of flowers.
It looks like a new born baby curled in a ball,
it sounds like a radient ruby dropping it’s petals on the ground.
I love school.

by Daniel Harrison

The Poem



Happiness is Bright Yellow

It tastes like Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!

Happiness smells like Bacon frying in a pan!!

It looks like Summer fruits on a golden pancake.


Ariyan, Prateek and William

Emotion poems

Making emotion poems was great fun. Although it was hard, I still really enjoyed it especialy when we got to type them up in the computer room.

The amazing magic box

The magic box

I will put in the box

the first snow flake that dropped on the happiest day of every ones life,

the lovely taste of a strawberry sweet tossing and turning in your mouth

and the terrific taste of a smoothy swooshing down your throat

I will put in the box

an upside down waterfall ,

the cool summer breeze flowing smoothly through the lovely summer day

and the first cave man who ever lived.


Our poem

Hi ,this week we have been writing emotion poems we are going to do a poem about happiness.


Tiana,Eliza and Poppy