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Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)


3tsbp Jerk seasoning powder
2tsp hot pepper sauce
2tsp vegetable oil
3 cloves garlic
4 Spring Onions trimmed and chopped
1tsp fresh thyme
4 chicken thighs

Mix together all the ingredients except the chicken in  a shallow dish and mix until well combined
Make 3 deep diagonal cuts in each chicken thigh and place into the marinade, turn well to coat all over. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight is best.

Heat the oven to 200 degrees and place the chicken in a lightly oiled roasting tin, skin side down and roast until juices run clear about 35-40 mins.

Serve with rice and peas


Niamh Ollier K4

Chicken Chow Mein (Chinese)


150g of egg noodles

dash of toasted sesame oil

300g of chicken breast fillets sliced into strips

dash dark soy sauce

1 tsp five-spice powder

1 tsp chilli sauce

1 tbsp cornflour

1-2 tbsp groundnut oil

1 red pepper

150g bean sprouts

1 large spring onion, sliced

2 tbsp light soy sauce

ground black pepper


Cook the noodles in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes.  Drain and rinse under cold running water.  Drizzle with a dash of sesame oil and toss through to prevent noodles sticking to each other.

Place the chicken strips in a bowl and season with a dash of dark soy sauce, five spice powder and chilli sauce.  Mix well, then lightly dust the chicken strips with the cornflour.

Heat a wok until smoking and add the groundnut oil, then add the chicken and stir fry for 3-4 minutes or until the chicken is golden brown and cooked through.

Add the red pepper and stir fry for one minute and then add the bean sprouts and spring onion and stir fry for 30 seconds.  Stir in the cooked noodles and season with the light soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil and freshly ground black pepper.

By Olivia

Sunset Sushi By Jenna Gadher


Sunset Sushi


  • 2 cups of sushi rice
  • 2-3 seaweed sheets (nori)
  • Crab sticks
  • Masago (Fish eggs that are bright orange)
  • Tuna

Making the roll

1} Cut the tuna for the topping

2} Put the seaweed on a rolling mat

3} Cover the seaweed with the sushi rice but leave 2cm from the edges

4} Put the crab sticks and masago down evenly along the rice edges

5} Roll the seaweed into a cylinder shape

6} Put the tuna on top of the seaweed

7} Use the mat to press down tightly to the rice

8} Cut into 8 tiny pieces


By Jenna Gadher

Papaya and dragon fruit salad recipe


  • 425g can seedless lychees in syrup, drained.
  • 250ml double cream.
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar.
  • 2 papayas ,seeds removed and sliced.
  • dragon fruit, peeled and sliced.
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1-2  ready-made meringues , crushed (made from whipped egg whites and sugar, and occasionally an acid such as cream of tartar or a small amount of vinegar.)


  • Whisk half the lychees to a purée in a food processor.Whip the cream to stiff peaks, then fold in the purée and sugar. Chill 
  • Mix the remaining lychees and other fruit in a bowl. Dress with the lime juice, then serve in glass bowls with a spoonful of the lychee cream, garnished with meringue

By Prateek Gupta