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Hour Of Code By Jenna K4


When we were doing our Hour of Code some levels were easy and some were hard but we got through it. At play time every body was upset beacuse it was fun and didn’t want to stop! I got up to level 12 and Eliza finshed! I did not give up ,in the holidays I finshed and my Daddy is going to print the certificate out because he forgot!

Hour of Code Highlights

Fun at school?

Art and computing are my favourite topics this year. In art we are drawing old Australian symbols and in computing we are learning how to use scratch.

by Daniel.

Computing and science

In our computing lessons we have been learning how to program things on a program called scratch.It’s been pretty cool. I downloaded it at home one day an became the master at it.

Later in science Mr Keith  taught us about the digestive system and how it works. Did you know the that your small intestine is six meters long?


by Oliver Murray