Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

We have created amazing pyramids out of a whole range of different materials from Lego to sugar cubes and Weetabox.IMG_3909[1] IMG_3910[1] IMG_3911[1] IMG_3912[1] IMG_3913[1]

Science Club – Cola explosion

We have investigated the cola explosion reaction by adding different quantities of  mentos to cola.

Guided reading – The Iron Man

IMG_3715We have been inferring what the Iron Man might be thinking through the drama techniques of conscience alley and hot seating.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

We have used ‘Thought tapping’ to explore the thoughts and feelings Hugo would have experienced.  the-invention-of-hugo-cabret hugo-cabret IMG_3681 IMG_3680 IMG_3679 IMG_3678 IMG_3677 IMG_3676 IMG_3663 IMG_3661 IMG_3667

Science Club

At Science Club we do lots of fun practical science. The volcano experiment  involved a chemical reaction. We mixed vinegar with washing up liquid and poured this into baking soda. A foam was produced that rapidly expanded in volume.

IMG_3630 IMG_3632

Investigating sound

Sounds are caused by objects vibrating.  In science we have explored sound using string telephones and a variety of other objects including musical instruments.IMG_3598 IMG_3600 IMG_3607 IMG_3611 IMG_3606 IMG_3614 IMG_3615

Children In Need 2016

w4-2 w4-1 w4-3 w4-4 w4-7 w4-6 w4-5 w4-8 w4-9

Gymnastic Balances

We have been performing a variety of different balances on points and patches.img_3094 img_3097 img_3105 img_3111 img_3119 img_3122 img_3127 img_3135

Anglo-Saxon shields

As part of our home learning about Anglo-Saxons we made shields and researched facts about them.img_3245 img_3252 img_3254 img_3247 img_3248

Advertisements for a superhero action toy

img_3274 img_3275 img_3276 img_3277We have been looking at the features of advertisements and creating our own examples.