In ww1 the soldiers had to carry up to 65k per day. All that equiptment was very heavy.Think of all that stuff such as a gun,pillow,blanket,medals and a form to say what the attacks are and when.

Some soldiers left their stuff in┬átheir hatch where they slept. Who knows it could get stolen while they were out… If they got killed a friend would take their stuff and give it to that man’s family as a symbole of rememberance. Some ordinary people lied about ttheir age to get into war. Of course they didn’t want to cower in fright.

The youngest soldier to survive was a 14 year old boy when he joined up but after he joined and the war was over he was 18 years old. He was a good liar!!!

My great great great uncle Percy owned a canal in Rugby and he got persuaded by the propaganda to enlist.


by Daniel

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