Zoom Jelly


For the banana layer    For the raspberry layer         You ‘ll also need

2 bananas chopped       200g raspberries                    1 litre jelly mould

100 ml double cream    250ml cloudy apple juice     Pomegranate

50g caster sugar             50g Caster sugar

Yellow food colouring


First make the blackcurrant layer. Put 6 of the gelatine leaves in a small bowl and cover with cold water, then soak for 1-2 minutes until soft. Gently heat the cordial, lemon juice and 50ml cold water in a pan until nearly simmering, then remove from the heat.Remove the softened gelatine from the water and squeeze any out any excess water , then stir in a few drops of blue food colouring  to give a deep purple colour. Grease the jelly mould with a little oil then pour in the jelly. Chill for 2-3 hours until set.


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