Learning about the Easter story and what it means to Christians

We walked to the local church, when we got there we were told about the 6 different activities to do with the Easter story.DSCF3395We learnt about washing feet and how Jesus did that. Jesus said I’ve showed you how, now you take over. This shows that Jesus can be a servant King.

DSCF3398We also learnt about the garden of Gethsemane, it was a peaceful place but Jesus knew the Roman guards where coming for him!


DSCF3391One of the activities that we did was learning about the Resurrection.

DSCF3397 We also learnt about the last supper and his disciples. We tasted some of the food that Jesus gave his disciples, the bread is his body and the wine was his blood. Jesus said Remember Me.

DSCF3404The writing on the stones show people what children want to happen in the future so people could have a good life. We had ideas like people to be kind to each other or be rich and share money to poor people.

DSCF3405 This shows that Jesus is on the cross with the thorns on his head. We thought about the people who need our help.


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