Investigating consecutive numbers

Today, we have worked as maths pattern detectives.  We investigated numbers that follow on from each other Eg. 2, 3 ,4,5.  These numbers are called consecutive numbers.  We looked at all the different combinations of adding and subtracting four consecutive numbers.

1+2+3+ 4 = 10     1-2-3-4 = -8     1+2+3-4= 2     1+2 -3-4 = -4    1+2 -3+4= 4    1-2-3+4= 0

1-2+3-4 = -2    1-2+3+4= 6

Once we found all 8 calculation combinations, we repeated the above with more sets of consecutive numbers Eg 2,3,4,5  and 3,4,5,6 etc

Following this, we looked for patterns in the answers and within the calculations.  Why not try this for yourself and please leave your comments on patterns that you have found out. 

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  1. sparrow says:

    The number problems were really fun and I liked it when we had to find the number patterns. Ellie .P.

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