Maths Detectives – Pattern spotting

As mathematician we know the importance of pattern spotting.  We have used our maths detective skills to investigate patterns in adding and subtracting 4 consecutive numbers (numbers that follow on from each other E.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4.) img_31011 img_31051 img_31061 img_31071 img_31081 img_31091

What did we notice?

Molly and Seb noticed that when they added the two middle numbers in +++ and then double the result they got the answer. For example:  2+ 3+ 4+ 5 = 14
Inari noticed that with ++- if you double the first number in the calculation this gives the answer to the whole calculation. For example: 1+2+3-4 = 2

Samuel noticed that everytime he did +–  he got an answer of -4.

Alex noticed –+ the answer is 0.

Andria said  that all the consecutive numbers answers should be even.  If they are odd they are wrong.

Can you be a mathematics detective too?  Why not try investigating adding and subtracting consecutive numbers at home and looking for patterns.  You never know, you might find a pattern that someone has never seen before.


3 Comments  to  Maths Detectives – Pattern spotting

  1. sparrow says:

    I really liked doing this maths investigation and at first I thought it was easy but it turned out to be challenging. Finlay

  2. sam says:

    Well done Scott for answering those maths problems.Sam.L

  3. sparrow says:

    I liked this lesson because it was challenging and I like a challenge. Millie Poole.

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