Investigating the effect of different liquids on our teeth

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In science, we have used a variety of different liquids (coke, water, blackcurrant squash, milk, orange juice and vinegar) to investigate whether they have a damaging effect on our teeth.  We tested this by immersing hard boiled eggs (the shell was used to represent a tooth) into each liquid.  After a week. we observed any changes to the egg shells.

To our amazement the blackcurrant squash and the vinegar made the egg shell rubbery.  We dropped these eggs to the floor and they bounced.  Can you find out why vinegar makes an egg shell rubbery?

4 Comments  to  Investigating the effect of different liquids on our teeth

  1. sparrow says:

    I found this really fun because the results were very surprising. Some of the eggs were very smelly and disgusting! Alex S

  2. sparrow says:

    I Liked the smell of the milk one, it smelt of manure. Seb

  3. admin says:

    I was really surprised at this experiment because I would never guess that blackcurrant would do the most damage.

  4. sparrow says:

    I enjoyed this investigation because I found out things that I didn’t know before. Millie p

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