October, 2016

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RE Day – Giving Thanks

Today we have been exploring the things that make us feel thankful. We have enjoyed finding out about the Jewish festival known as Sukkot and building our own sukkahs.img_31951 img_31981img_32011img_32021 img_32031 img_32041 img_32051 img_32061 img_32071 img_32091img_32081

Open afternoon

Year 4 enjoyed working with their parents on designing a superhero character.  The ideas and designs will be used for writing advertisements for a superhero toy.  Open afternoon was a great opportunity for children to share their learning with their parents.img_31881

Anglo-Saxon honey oat cakes and shortbread

Today we have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons.  We particularly enjoyed making honey oat cakes and shortbread.

img_31461 img_31481 img_31491 img_31501 img_3151 img_3157 img_3158 img_3159 img_3162 img_3172


The digestive system in action

Do you know all about the digestive system?  Year 4 scientists can explain the process in detail from the start of the digestive system to its end. We carried out an experiment to show the process.


On-screen prototype toy

Using ‘Scratch,’ we have been creating a prototype of a computer controlled toy with at least one input and output. The images below shows Niall and Seb’s Scratch based toy.  When the input is pressed (blue button circle), the toy moves its arms into different positions.

img_82781 img_82771 img_82761 img_82751 img_82741 img_82721

Maths Detectives – Pattern spotting

As mathematician we know the importance of pattern spotting.  We have used our maths detective skills to investigate patterns in adding and subtracting 4 consecutive numbers (numbers that follow on from each other E.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4.) img_31011 img_31051 img_31061 img_31071 img_31081 img_31091

What did we notice?

Molly and Seb noticed that when they added the two middle numbers in +++ and then double the result they got the answer. For example:  2+ 3+ 4+ 5 = 14
Inari noticed that with ++- if you double the first number in the calculation this gives the answer to the whole calculation. For example: 1+2+3-4 = 2

Samuel noticed that everytime he did +–  he got an answer of -4.

Alex noticed –+ the answer is 0.

Andria said  that all the consecutive numbers answers should be even.  If they are odd they are wrong.

Can you be a mathematics detective too?  Why not try investigating adding and subtracting consecutive numbers at home and looking for patterns.  You never know, you might find a pattern that someone has never seen before.