February, 2016

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Ways to annoy your teacher

    Are you always getting told off by your boring teacher? If so do not despair help is at hand . Teachers must be taught a lesson. Look at these instructions and soon you will teach those pests who’s boss.

    Quickly but quietly, hide your teacher’s glasses, which should be on their desk, inside the boys’ toilets, where they wont look. Wait until the end of the day and act all helpful when you find them for him later on.                                                      
    This final step, which should be the best, is going to send your teacher to space. Cut just a little hole off one of the fingers from the glove. Tip your,water into the glove but make sure to hold it the right way up. Wait until the teacher comes in and zap your teachers covered in soggy water.And that’s how to annoy your teacher.


Ways to annoy your Teacher

Are you bored to death of  getting yellow or even red cards! If so do not despair help is at hand.Teachers are dangerous creatures and therefore must be taught a lesson read on and you too will be rid of these terrible pests.
At the moment your boring teacher’s back is turned, sneak out your remote control F1 car out and drive it round and round in circles. This should make your Teacher dizzy and very annoyed.

This final step which is sure to get you a red card NOT is to…….                         HIDE THE RED AND Yellow CARDS!! Get a friend, who is very helpful, to  attract your grumpy Teacher with a loud sneeze and then trip them up!!

BY Theo


Ways to annoy your teacher

Are you sick to death of your teacher blabbng all day? If so,help is coming to your aid. Teachers are boring humans and must be taught a lesson.

In the middle of an English or maths lesson, if you are bored, you can always spice things up a bit. All you have to do is, when your teacher isn’t looking, start pretending you are an F1 racer. This will drive your teacher insane!

This final step , should make your teacher cry like a baby! Get the hottest chilli you can find and dump it in the teachers nice cup of tea.When your teacher comes back into the classroom,he will start drinking his/ her tea [with a chilli inside] they will start screaming. Their sream will be loud enough for the headteacher to come storming into the classroom. Now all you have to do is laugh as your teacher gets told of by the headteacher.