March, 2014

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Science by Charlotte

This week in science we have been learning about solids and liquids. We got a board and some lemon juice, jam, washing up liquid, tomato sauce and some more liquids so we tested all of the liquids the jam fell in a lump!DSCF3234


We have been learning about …

Over the last term we have been learning  about changing places. We have done our Alice chapters and in science we have done solids and liquids. In maths we have done column addition and subtraction I really struggled getting the correct answer .

by Nikki .


Our Alice chapters

Alice chapter by Maisie

This month we have decided to write our own stories, in the style of Alice in wonderland.We added our own Alice names and we also had our own setting, but it was still in the style of Alice in Wonderland.

from Maisie Kate Hunt


What we found under the ground!!!!!

treasure opening (1)

We found a box under the ground and we decided to open it and there was something to do with our topic Ancient Egypt  there was a statue and lots of tiny models!

by Leigha Miles


Working in science


In science we have been Learning about  solids and liquids and we even did a test,  the  toothpaste had more viscosity! than all off them

and Crusha and lemon juice had less viscosity!

by Leigha Miles

Our Coventry trip by Connor

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Our trip to Coventry was exciting and fun. We learned about ‘The Blitz’ experience and Lady Godiva who rode the streets of Coventry. Yr4 then split up W4 travelled to the Transport Museum, but FC4 walked to The Herbert Art Gallery.


We did our own Alice in Wonderland chapters

My Rebecca chapter by Charlotte

On one bright sunny day , Rebecca opened one beady eye and stared out of the window, the stream was glittering blue and frogs were hopping around, fish were jumping out of the water . Rebecca saw a white rabbit wearing a handsome waistcoat and holding a pocket watch “I’m late I’m late” it was saying to himself.

If you wish to read more it’s up on display in FC4 class.

free vector The White Rabbit clip art