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Times table games

The following link has some times tables games to help support you with learning your tables.

Please any comments about any of the games once you have played them.

Can you beat Mr Wolsey’s score below on the Sum Sense game from the topmarks link above?  He answered 10 questions with 6 seconds remaining of the 2 minute time limit.


Library Time

It’s time to relax and enjoy our books in our fantastic new library.  

Investigating suitable sites for an Anglo-Saxon Settlement

We have been learning about why the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain and exploring the advantages and disadvantages of sites where they might have settled.  

Using Powerpoint at home

Tiya has been consolidating her enjoyment for learning about plants in Science from Year 3 and has been learning how to create Powerpoint presentations.  These are the slides she has created.

Investigating consecutive numbers

Today, we have worked as maths pattern detectives.  We investigated numbers that follow on from each other Eg. 2, 3 ,4,5.  These numbers are called consecutive numbers.  We looked at all the different combinations of adding and subtracting four consecutive numbers.

1+2+3+ 4 = 10     1-2-3-4 = -8     1+2+3-4= 2     1+2 -3-4 = -4    1+2 -3+4= 4    1-2-3+4= 0

1-2+3-4 = -2    1-2+3+4= 6

Once we found all 8 calculation combinations, we repeated the above with more sets of consecutive numbers Eg 2,3,4,5  and 3,4,5,6 etc

Following this, we looked for patterns in the answers and within the calculations.  Why not try this for yourself and please leave your comments on patterns that you have found out. 

Investigating the effects of liquids on our teeth

In science, we know that sugary foods and drinks can damage the enamel of our teeth. We have been making careful observations and analysis of the effects of different liquids on the surface of an egg. The results were really interesting.  Look at the eggs and decide for yourself which liquid caused the most damage. 

Ukulele with Mrs Hunter

Today we started learning how to play the ukulele. It’s great fun! Mrs Hunter was really impressed with our efforts.

Library Time

It’s time to relax and read in our fabulous new library.

Roman Numerals Snakes and Ladders

We have enjoyed creating and playing our own games of Snakes and Ladders using Roman Numerals.

A great start to Year 4 Home Learning

Just a few examples of the excellent home learning completed this week.